A Fantastic and Affordable Solution To Improve The Knowledge Base Of Your Pool Pro Staff.

This course option is the perfect price and length for the residential swimming pool company that wants to provide more education from an accredited instructor. 

This 2.5 hour course will go over the following:

  • Pool Water Chemistry
  • Proper Pool Water Testing Techniques/ Test Kit Interferences
  • Pool Water Balance & Use of Technology to Help Calculate Water Balance & Dosage
  •  Prevention of Algae

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Student Testimonial

Lauren Broom puts on a fantastic online course called “Pool Chemistry” for Residential Pool Service Series It gives a great breakdown on all the water testing as well as what the chemistry of a residential pool should be. I own a pool service company and I am having all my new hires take this course. She does a great job explaining things so my techs understand and can take what they learned and apply it out in the field. I have also had a few of my techs follow up with her CPO class. Her experience in the Health Department has made her the best instructor for these courses….. I highly recommend her and “Space Coast Pool School” 

Bryan Lee

Director of Operations, AquaServ Pool Service