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Splash into "Florida Pool Courses Module 5: Basic Water Chemistry and Testing Basics" for a comprehensive 61-minute exploration. Learn to identify water chemistry parameters, master proper pool water testing techniques, and understand specific Florida requirements for recording test results. Earn one CE Credit Hour and enhance your understanding of alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, TDS, and more. Choose your preferred learning style—attend in person, access pre-recorded content, or join live virtual sessions. Evaluate your knowledge with a virtual quiz and receive a downloadable certificate.

FLDBPR CILB Educational Providership #0008796
CAM Educational Providership #PVD903

50 minutes

FL CILB Licensed Pool Contractor: 1 CE Credit Hour (General) Course #0614787

FL CAM : 1 CE Credit Hour (Operation of Community Association's Physical Property) Course #9632495

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The ONLY fully virtual pre-recorded courses available covering the Florida public pool code!!!

Florida licensed pool contractors, community association manager or any pool professional can now gain a better understanding of the Florida pubic pool codes!!
These classes give Florida licensed pool contractors and community association managers Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) which are necessary to renew your Florida licenses. 

These are THE ONLY pre-recorded courses dedicated to the Florida Public Pool code. Every module is approved by the state and counts towards your CEU credits. Space Coast Pool School is the ONLY approved provider offering these type of virtual classes for Florida.  

This is necessary education on YOUR TIME and at your CONVENIENCE! 
Take classes in any order… at your pace. 
Pick one class or view them all to maximize your knowledge base.